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I've never been one to write long paragraphs about myself, because there's a good chance I won't stop typing. I love to talk, my husband blames that on me being an only child. You can shut me up with tacos and margaritas. I live life as colorfully and spontaneously as possible and I hope that shows through my work.

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1. My dog is the single most important living thing to me, followed very closely by my husband. 

2. I'm real close with my family, they inspire everything I do, even pulling my hair out ;)

3. College football is my favorite season. Go Clemson! 

4. If I had to pick a 'last meal' it would be Taco Bell. 

5. I'm a closet space nerd. I'll talk your ear off about space exploration, future missions, and NASA vs SpaceX any day. I would have been an astronaut but math is not my thing. 

6. I live very spontaneously and constantly want adventure and change... this irritates my husband to no end.

7. Speaking of my husband, he's over a foot taller than me. Which is why is head is cut off in most of our pictures.

8. My choice in Netflix shows is questionable. Don't judge me on my queue. 

9. I graduated with a degree in Marketing and could talk analytics and strategy ALL DAY.  

10. My dreams once included one or more of the following: an astronomer, an astronaut, a meteorologist, a marine biologist, a dolphin trainer, and a famous concert photographer.


My favorite part of living is doing it with you.




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