Pam P. | A Fashion Blogger Session in Uptown Charlotte NC

I’ve known Pam for years but it took us forever to finally work together! We met up on an abnormally warm winter day and walked MILES in Uptown Charlotte for this spontaneous fashion shoot. I’ve done this twice now, walked aimlessly around the city taking photos, and I don’t think I can ever get tired of it. There are countless places to photograph in the Queen City. It’s been a year since we plopped our lives here and I am so thankful for every second. This place has truly been what I needed to blossom both creatively and personally.

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Facebook Ads 101: Setting Up Your Campaigns Pt. 1

This post will be a big one of a multi part post but perfect for those who are new(er) to running Facebook & Instagram ads. Setting up Ad Campaigns can be pretty daunting if you’ve never ran one before, and although I’ve been doing these for almost 6 years, I’m still learning things every day. BUT - we can walk through it together and get you up and running in no time.

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Jordan + Taylor | A Roanoke VA Engagement Session

Jordan + Taylor met and fell in love in college where they both attended for what felt like a decade. Their love for each other may be as much as their love for animals but I wouldn’t go that far.. We met on an unseasonably chilly morning, 41° to be exact and I knew they were going to think I was insane for waking them up so early. However, between the gorgeous light we had and the beautiful fall scenery, I’d like to think it was worth it.

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Emmy & Patrick | A San Luis Obispo Wedding at The Casitas Estate

When Emmy & Patrick got engaged, I feel like there was a collective “FINALLYYYY” from their family. They had been dating for 6ish years before he popped the question! They met at CalPoly in San Luis Obispo so there was no question about where they should tie the knot. Emmy’s family is from the east coast while Pat’s was from the west. So having both sides in one place was such a special occasion! It was truly awe inspiring to see just how many people flew to this little Californian town to see these two get married. We even had several from the UK!

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