Nicole & Chris


There are times where doing a session is a little more personal than the rest. This one is a perfect example.. Meet Nicole & Chris aka my favorite couple that I get to see maybe a couple times a year. Nicole & I were best friends our freshman year of college but then I just HADDD to relocate and now we rarely get to spend time together. However, I moved away right at the beginning of their relationship. 

Some couples are just absolutely born to be together. Everyone who knows Nicole and Chris knows that this wedding is the biggest event of the year because it's so long overdue. Even though both Chris and Nicole are super young, they're more than ready for a marriage and life together and quite frankly, so are the rest of us. I always remember teasing Nicole "Oh hush and just get married already!!!" --- Well, I got what I wanted! Their wedding date is next summer and I couldn't post all of their pictures from the day because some have their date on it. LOVE YOU GUYS!! Can't wait until the wedding! 


Here's a few from our early morning, damp, but beautiful Raleigh session: