Jordan & Wesley: One Year Later


Jordan & Wesley are truly one of my favorite couples. They were my second engagement shoot and wedding EVER and have become very good friends along the way. They are one of those couples that you know is going to live a long and happy life together because of the way they interact with not only themselves but with others around them. I'm not just saying this because we're friends, but Jordan & Wesley can bring light into any room. They're so much fun to be around and I was more than excited when they told me they'd be coming down to the beach the same weekend as me! We literally planned this shoot months in advance and I've been biting my fingernails everyday. Light and weather can make or break a session.. I had this idea in my head of what I wanted this session to be like and I needed the right amount of sun and clouds to make it work. I could not have been any luckier because that's exactly what we got. It was SO much fun being able to catch up with these two and hear about their first life of marriage together. Jordan & Wesley are without a doubt one of those couples that I've been with from day 1 and I cannot wait to watch their family grow. 

Here's a few from our sun-drenched beach anniversary shoot..