Max Adventures: The Beach


I'm pretty obsessed with my dog. I've never in my life felt so sentimentally and emotionally attached to anything. I can't believe I went 21 years without knowing what it felt like to have a dog until now. Most of you that know me, know how much of a diva Max can be. He loves to pose for pictures and also likes to give me crap for it but it's so rare that I get a chance to take pictures for fun anymore. I'm so so so swamped with sessions, weddings, and school that I just get tired too easily and it makes photography a little exhausting and dull. This past weekend, Max and I spent some quality time together and of course he complained about having his picture taken...

Then we waited until the sun went down and explored on the beach! The full moon was BEAUTIFUL. I've always wanted to get out there and take pictures at night. Lovin' this new camera and it's ability to do so.

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