The Hilliard Family


Meet Miss Brooke and the Hilliard Family! Easily the cutest family ever with so much love for each other you can cut it.  Sunday was fun-day! At least it was for Miss Brooke! We had an awesome time at the park trying to capture the best of her two year old personality. The "Terrible Two's" can be very hit or miss for a photographer. We can either have a happy baby with lots of giggles, smiles, and silly stories. We can also have a case of the shy bugs, which definitely got the best of this cutie, but hey, a stranger pointing a big camera at you and yelling goofy things is pretty scary! Sometimes I don't even WANT to know what I look like on the other side of the camera but the smiles we got were well worth it. I think I have everything from butterflies in my lenses to puppies on my back. It was an absolutely beautiful day at Oak Grove Park and I couldn't have asked for a better location. Brooke turned two back in August and I think these pictures captured her personality so well. 

Here's a few from our chilly Sunday morning playground date: 

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