The Hogan Family


Have you ever met a family that you just wanted to be a part of? I immediately wanted to be adopted into this family as soon as I met them. SO down to earth, funny, and full of life. I met them first at a park in hopes that we can take advantage of the fall light and get a few grass shots but note for future self: Playgrounds are more of a distraction than a tool to bribe! EIther way, little Luke was just not feeling me and my camera, which is totally normal. I would be very terrified at that age too. Luckily, I have no dignity and can really do ANYTHING to get a child to smile. After the park we headed to the beach to take advantage of a beautiful sun-filled evening. I love shooting at the beach because it brings out the child in everyone! Luke eventually gave me some smiles after riding a toy train all over my head and camera (whatever works?) and we ended up with some awesome shots!  


Here's a few from our chilly beach & park shoot: