The Alcorn Family

Oh to have a sibling. I'm always so envious of families with siblings because I didn't get to grow up with the pros and cons. As soon as these little girls got out of the car I knew it was going to be a fun session! So full of life and ENERGY little Harper and Emma really tested my endurance (it counted as my exercise for the weekend) but I won't complain. I can't get over what a model Miss Emma is, she loved to cheese it up for the camera and she's so photogenic. Little Harper is just as beautiful but at the wonderful age of two, the candid shots ended up being the keepers. I truly appreciate parents who can hang in there for a session and be as crazy as I am. Anything for a smile, right? Right. I played right along with these two cuties and even gave them both a little time BEHIND the camera too! ;) What toddler doesn't want to play with something big and expensive? The weather was a bit windy but you know what... that's life. Not every day is 75 degrees and calm breezes but I wouldn't trade our session for anything!


Here are a few from our windy & chilly fall day family session!