Kassie: Class of '14


As a photographer, I usually HATE black and white pictures. I'm fun & colorful! The more color the better! However, there are some girls that can just rock a black and white. Kassie is one of them. Senior pictures are one of my favorite sessions because it's a chance to get creative. I cannot stand corny, cliche, and cheesy senior pictures. You're graduating and moving on into the real world... senior photos are your chance to show the world how grown up you are! Some photographers like to use props and cliche poses, but honestly, my seniors are models and that's how I like to treat the session.

I've known Kassie for years now mainly because of her older brother but I love this whole family to death. I can't believe it's almost time for Kassie to graduate. She's always been the baby of the family! Here we are now, 4 years later and we are both about to graduate. I was so stoked to work with her because... look at her, she is gorgeous! I cannot comprehend how well she photographs. (I'm actually quite jealous..) 

Here are a few from our sunny afternoon senior session! 

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