Brandi & Co


The photography industry is insanely overcrowded and competitive and it's super tough out there. It's a rare day when you can find a friend in the industry that is willing to share information and open up. When Brandi contacted me, I could immediately tell she would be an awesome friend to have. As another photographer herself (Check out her page here!), I was ecstatic to meet her and her family! We met on a beautiful afternoon in Lexington on the most gorgeous farm. I have to say, Brandi picked the most gorgeous location... I could of shot there ALL DAY! After taking pictures of her extremely adorable family we took some time to take some headshots for her too! 

Roanoke clients that are reading this: hit her up! I'm not always in the area but her work is worth the short road trip! 

Brandi: It was SO nice to hang out with you and just be able to open up to someone who knows how tough it can be. It's so crucial to have friends in this business and you've got one in me! 

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