Samantha & Will are engaged!


Have you ever met a couple and just fell in love with them? Is that weird? Samantha and Will have the most infectious chemistry between each other that I just found myself falling in love with the way they interact. Honestly, I just sat there with my camera, positioned them in the light, and told them to just talk and do their thing... and that's how I got my best shots. I have met a TON of couples through photography and some just have "it", it was clear upon meeting these two that they are going to have a long and super happy life together. 

Whenever couples are excited about their pictures, it makes me even more excited to get them done. We took this pictures at 3pm yesterday and they are already done, edited, and posted! I knew as we were taking them that they would be some of my favorite photos and I was right! I love love love shooting at the Lynnhaven Pier and this time was no exception. I must say that I lost the ability to complete full sentences due to my frozen lips but I am super excited to share these images with you all. I feel like I truly know Samantha & Will purely through their photos. 

Thank you so much for braving the elements today Samantha & Will! I cannot wait until your wedding in May, it's going to be perfect! 

Here are a few from our freezingcold-buttshivering-bluetoesandrednoses-numblips-but sunny engagement session!