Heather G: Just For Fun


During my normal photo season, I never have time to just step back and get creative and daring with my work. I'm usually crunched for time or have something go wrong. It's so freakin' nice to just take pictures for the fun of it. Heather and I met in one of my classes this semester and I knew I would have to get a photoshoot out of her before we parted ways over break. Heather is a fashion student and is applying to several incredible internships. I wish her all the best in the fashion world because I'm still wearing the clothes I slept in. No harm, no foul. 

Anyways, it wasn't as chilly as it has been and the weather was just perfect for some shooting in downtown Richmond! The first location I'm sure many of you will recognize, I have shot there about 29439834 times BUT I LOVE IT! 

Here are just a few (from the over 150 that I saved) shoot with Heather!

PS- Sorry boys, she's taken ;)