eeeek! I finally have a blog! I've been wanting a blog to rant and ramble for years now, but I  couldn't find exactly the right platform. I needed a blog that would allow me to post sneak peeks for my clients without overwhelming my Facebook friends. I needed a blog to post questions, comments, and concerns I've gotten in the past. I needed a blog to just TALK! I'm so excited to share this with you all and I can't wait for you to utilize this blog as a way to watch me, my business, and my photography grow into something bigger.

So what can you expect with this thing?

  • Weekly updates - I'll try to get on here weekly and post about something/anything but hopefully it'll be about 
  • SESSION SNEAK PEEKS! I'll post my favorite images from all of my latest sessions along with stories and memories from the day. I think it's crucial for photographers to not only share their photos but also their experiences. 
  • Max! Of course you should expect to see posts about my dog on here. 
  • Miscellaneous -- I don't care how many people read or see this blog, but I am just dying to express anything I'm feeling at the moment. Song of the week, craft I'm dying to try, or music! 

    You can also leave comments on these posts to interact with me and each other!