Could improving mobile technology threaten photographers?


Mark Treen, a photograpger from Kingsland, GA had a very insightful post following the announcement of the new iPhone products. 

So Apple had it's iPhone event today. They announced iPhone 5S and 5C. The changed features for the 5S are;
a larger Aperture f/2.2
15% Larger sensor
120fps video
True tone flash (flash sees skin tone and WB of room and adjust color of flash)
10fps (will auto select sharpest)
The Good concept:
Larger pixel=Better Picture. More pixels isn't always better. This is nice since camera phones are out not that exceed the Nikon D600.
True tone flash. The important of color balanced for capture, flash and editing
The unfortunate concepts:
He's standing in front of a slide showing all the fancy gear, DSLR, tripod, color checker, hot-shoe flash, SD cards, reflectors, light meter, lens cleaner, and three books. (film, light and photography) and says,
"It used to be to take better pictures you became a better photographer.For most of us, we just want to take a picture."
and comments that the new features are "SLR-level stuff".
This is because the craft of photography as a service for family portraits, special events, etc... is getting watered down. 
This new camera is amazing. The ability to change flash color is a breakthrough. Getting the flash off the camera is still essential for flattering pictures. Here are some other things to keep in mind.
The large bulky DLSR means the sensor is much larger which means you can get pictures in much lower light. Also you can optically zoom in.
The technology is still not there to allow auto exposure to compete with a photographer knowing what in the picture should be at certain exposures. Any camera stuck in auto exposure will still be thrown off by areas that are brighter or darker then your subject.
No matter how advanced cameras having a pro take your photos means they know when to take pictures and what to take pictures of. That's part of what the books, and studying and experience do.

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