Turning a new page...


I like change. I like to change my style, change my home decor, and I just generally like clean slates and fresh starts. If you've been following me for awhile, you'll notice that I change my logo... like... ALOT. Well, I've finally settled for a logo and branding that finally feels like "me" -- to the left is my new look and if you take a look around my website, you'll notice the changes there too. I love the idea of flowers in a jar.. it represents the beauty I strive to capture everyday. 

Now that my logo is set, I wanted to take a look at my editing. I want my photos to reflect what I love. In other words, I wanted my photos to look and feel as warm as a summer afternoon. I want you to look at your photos in the dead of winter with a mug of hot chocolate and instantly feel as if you were transported to the summer. I love the idea of a "warm" and "fuzzy" feeling to my photos so I also want my editing to feel that way. Below are examples of my new work. I sincerely hope that you embrace these changes and love them as much as I do. Of course every photo will differ with this look, but I will do my best to keep a consistent and clean look. So... Thoughts? Opinions? Let me know on the comment section below or on Facebook! 

Can't see the difference? Check out a comparison below:  

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