Chauncey & BaShaun | Engaged


When I first meet my couples, I always ask them how they met. Nine times out of ten, it's going to be a really entertaining story. BaShaun was telling me how he met Chauncey and I couldn't help but think of an elementary school crush. BaShaun was drooling over Chauncey but she had no interest.. instead of giving up, he kept pursuing and now they're engaged!! I'm so excited for this couple, their life together is going to be filled with so much excitement and never a dull moment because these two personalities are FUN. I loved working with them because their love for each other radiated from the pictures and did I mention how fun they were!? I love when couples treat their portrait sessions like any other day because then their true personalites show on camera and they make for AWESOME photos. Here are a few from the day: