Miss Harley


Babies are hilarious. They have this sixth sense of when there is a camera around (or someone new) and they just freeze up. It's totally okay because I'm use to it now. For the longest time, I thought babies just hated me.... now I realize that it's just new people in general that they hate. Oh and my camera! Babies hate my camera. ANYWAY, on to Miss Harley. She's a miracle at that. I wanted to share her story with you all.. taken straight from her momma's Facebook! 

"This is our beautiful baby girl who is such a miracle. Harley was born very sick, with group b strep meningitis! She was on a vent for 2 1/2 weeks and we were told our sweet baby was fatal, that they weren't for sure if she would ever be coming home with us. After 4 weeks of continuous IV antibiotics and many other things, we came home just 2 days short of her being 1 month old.  At 3 months old Harley was diagnosed with Hydrocephalus (fluid in the brain) which was eating up all of her brain tissue/cells. We were told she could have a lot of issues from all the damage. Harley had a shunt put in January 7, 2013 which is a tube that goes from her brain to belly to drain the fluid. She handled it like a champ!!!!  I am proud to say that I know there is a God out there because I seen and felt him work in many different ways!!! Harley will be one on Sunday and she only has some eye problems such as some crossing and vision issues, nothing that can not be corrected at an early age.  Harley is my anchor and rock and I'm so thankful my baby is here and alive today  she's our hero! We love you Harley!"

Can you say MIRACLE BABY? I mean she's a trooper if I've ever seen one. This little girl will be turning one on Sunday and I'm beyond honored to have captured her at such a milestone. 

Here are a few from our Princess play date!

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