The Perdue Family


I love working with families. Sometimes, working with other families makes you feel a little distracted from the chaos going on in your own. This family was even more special because Amber is a photographer as well! Let me tell you... it is SO much easier working with another photographer. They know what they want, how to get what they want, and they're more empathetic to how you feel behind the lens. By the time I met up with this family, I was so exhausted from a full day shooting that I didn't mind one bit that Amber took control. I was thankful! She's an excellent photographer and even more creative. She's constantly coming up with cute poses that I was just too tired to come up with on my own. Couldn't have made these gorgeous photos without her and her beautiful family! 

Check out Amber's work here! 

Meet the Perdue-Hylton Family