Senior | Haley P

A awesome part of my job is that it brings together people who, in ordinary situations, don't get to see each other that often. Haley and her family have been friends of mine for a very long time and the fact that she is now a senior is just bewildering. I feel older everyday. Her mom was my old cheer coach and I grew up around this family. I never get to see them because in the off chance that I am in the Roanoke area, I never have time to hang out or catch up. I was so excited with they told me they would be in Richmond today. I jumped at taking them to my favorite Richmond locations for pictures.

 *this girl has the best model face I have EVER seen! I would tell her to give me the model face and she dropped a smile quicker than anyone I have ever seen. That takes skill and concentration not to burst out laughing! 

Check out a few of my favorites below!