Shinfo Fridays

Hello out there! 

I haven't blogged in 10 days, 10 DAYS! Holy cow, I had to dust the dirt off of my login screen. I'm going to start (and try to keep) a new theme called Shinfo Fridays. Shinfo? What's that you may ask? Well it's slang for "sh!#ty information" or information that's not necessary. So on Fridays, I get to blog about whatever is on my mind, going on in my life, or any sort of pointless information. I doubt anyone will read this but if you are, hello! Thanks for stopping by!

This past month has been extremely crazy. My Grandad is very very ill and I've tried to spend as much time with him as possible. It's sad that an unfortunate illness is what it takes to open your eyes and start living but that's exactly what this situation has done. I've made a vow to myself that I will live my life as "full" as I can. After reading another photographer's blog and her philosophy of "staying full", I've decided to do the same. Being busy can have a negative connotation and I don't need any negativity in my life anymore. I want to stay full. Full of life, full of activities, full of things to do, places to be, and people to see, because when you live your life "full", there's no room for negativity, depression, and sadness. On the topic of staying full....

I've seen an insane increase in the amount of posts about fitness, going to the gym, etc. I know that the main cause for this is New Year's Resolutions and I'm so stoked for everyone who has made the step to change their life.

I started Crossfit in December and it has changed my life. It's something that challenges me every single day, it's one hour a day where I can put my phone away, disconnect from the internet, and just push myself to the limits. The funny thing is, I never know what those limits are. Every time I go to class, I am astounded at how much my body is letting me do. It's only been a few weeks since I've started so I'm not going to write about how much my body has changed physically, but that's a blog post for the future! However, I can write about how much I have changed mentally. Every morning when I wake up, I have something to look forward to. I LOVE going to class and I LOVE working out, so every day I have something to look forward to and get me through whatever tough day I have ahead. It's also so refreshing to go to a gym where you're being pushed but also cheered on. Everyone there has been so awesome in motivating me and helping me get through the workouts.

As of this week, I started kickboxing in addition to Crossfit and I have to say... I'm in love. Being able to go to a class and just relieve all of your stress and worries into someone else is kind of exhilarating. If you've never tried kickboxing, I totally recommend that you do. I'm the type of person who bottles up anger and emotions and this class is the best way to get all of that out in a safe but still violent manner ;)

Seriously, if you aren't taking exercise classes or have a personal trainer, you are missing out so much. Going to the gym is awesome, and I'm stoked that you're going, but you're not getting the most out of your workout if you don't know what you're doing. I was one of those people. I went to the gym and THOUGHT I was getting a workout. I would get so frustrated because I didn't feel better and I sure as hell didn't LOOK better. If you have any questions about crossfit or kickboxing, I'm not a pro, but I would love to help you in taking the steps to joining! 

With classes, Crossfit, kickboxing, taking care of Max, homework, spending time with the boyfriend and family, and photography, you can say my life is pretty "full." The thing is, I'm always looking for more things to do. I realize that I'll probably hate my life once school starts kicking up but I'm ready for the challenge. 

The more I start living my life, the more I realize that the photography industry is kind of a "weight" that keeps me down sometimes. There is SO much negativity in the industry, everyone is competing for clients, "likes", and overall attention. It gets a little ridiculous and I don't want or need to be submerged in the chaos of it all. From here on out, I'm going to remove myself from the "industry" and just be Ashley Lester Photography. I don't care about the latest and greatest, I want to keep improving my work and making new friends, but I don't want to feel like I'm competing with anyone. I realized that once you got into the "business" aspect of this field, it started to feel more like a job than a passion and I never wanted that to happen. If you want to book me for a shoot, I would love to have you! However, I'm not going to be dwelling over photographers who are booking way more shoots than I am. I'm going to just do my thing. Last fall, I got WAY too caught up in who was who and what they were doing and I realized that I started to resent creating a "business" -- sometimes you just need to take a step back and unplug yourself to realize what you've been wrapped up in. 

All in all, my first Shinfo Friday is all about clearing out the negativity in your life to fit as much positivity as possible. Find new things to fall in love with and don't dwell on what others are doing. The best way to watch life pass you by is by watching others. Go be the person that everyone else wants to watch and STAY FULL. 


Thanks for reading <3