Alex & Anne

This past week I was on vacation in Destin, FL. Cold? Yes. Beautiful? YES. I was staying with my boyfriend's best friend Ryan, who also happens to be a photographer and I was way too excited when he told me that he had an engagement shoot at the end of the week. I normally would never piggy-back on a shoot but Ryan is a very talented night and landscape photographer while portraits are more my thing. We traded skills all week and I hid behind him during this shoot. 

Ryan was wondering how posing worked, especially for an engagement shoot. I would love to tell you that I helped him but to be honest, Alex and Anne were PROS. We just left them alone to interact, keep each other warm, and the pictures came from just that. I guess I wasn't too much of a help but when you get a couple with that much chemistry, you truly should just let them go. 

Here are a few from my piggy-backed shoot with Ryan, Alex & Anne in Destin, FL!