Baby Ashby

 I absolutely love meeting newborns, they are such a reminder of how precious new life is. I was so excited to see that Baby Ashby made his arrival just before Christmas and I couldn't be more excited to meet him! We literally planned this shoot at the last minute and I was more than happy to brave the cold!

When I photograph newborns, I do them a little differently than other photographers in that my shoots aren't staged. I work with the baby and their mood to capture my photos, without props and poses, or backgrounds. Maybe it's just me, but I love natural photos. Little Ashby was such a trooper for the first half but I think he was catching on to what I was doing towards the middle. Newborns are always super fragile when it comes to their moods but I snap away regardless! Plus, who doesn't love a few crying/screaming shots? 

Here are a few shots from this morning's casual shoot with Baby Ashby!