The Altice Wedding

They met in high school, 15 to be exact, and they have been head over heels in love since. When you have a relationship that's lasted that long, you could say that this wedding was anticipated by so many! Megan and James also have the cutest son, Carter, who you will see below! 

 Loch Haven Lake is a private secluded area in Roanoke and it was the perfect backdrop for our portraits! The weather forecast was bouncing around all week. First 80% chance of rain, then 40%, then 20%, and then back to 50%. The morning started out in dense fog, followed by overcast skies all day and a drizzling rain towards the end... but that didn't stop us from taking advantage of the full force fall colors!

I always get nervous before I shoot a wedding... any wedding. However, this one was special. Megan and her sister are BOTH photographers... no pressure?! RIGHT?! Wrong. Brides that double as photographers make me twice as nervous, but it was such an honor to be there with Megan and such an honor to be in charge of capturing HER big day!