The Wright Wedding

You know when you watch weddings in movies and everyone is wiping their tears with a handkerchief and the groom let's out a tear as his bride walks down the aisle. Well, this wedding was exactly like that. SO full of emotion, love, and tears of joy, I would be lying if I said I didn't tear up myself! Amanda and Casey are the sweetest couple ever, and they are both just so excited to get married that they both just glowed all day!! 

When I was heading over to take pictures of the boys, I was told that they had requested a trip to Texas Tavern. Now, if you aren't from Roanoke and don't know what Texas Tavern is, 1) you're missing out and 2) it's the most famous little hole-in-the-wall in the whole city. I LOVED the idea of shooting portraits there (and the food is amazing too)

Their ceremony ended right as the sun was setting but the city lights made for the prettiest backdrop and let's just talk about that ballroom. GORGEOUS. The tall ceilings, soft uplighting, and the best catering I think I have ever had at a wedding. 

Shout out to The Corinthian Ballroom & Chanticleer Catering for being such amazing (and organized hosts) 

Here are just a few from Casey & Amanda's classic downtown wedding!