Valentine's Day SNOW-Shoot

It bears repeating, I HATE SNOW and I especially hate being cold. However, I also hate being stuck in the house all day so I knew I had to get out and dust off my camera. I called my go-to Richmond model Lizzie and of course she was down, I love her so much for being on call literally whenever. I also wanted to join in on the misery so I called Cate of Violet Iris Studios (please do yourself a favor and go drool over her work) and we got to work. 

Now let me tell ya, if you've never shot in the snow, don't try it.... unless you go prepared. I have never done a shoot in the snow so I didn't bring anything to wipe my lens, gloves, or warm socks. It's safe to say that I was miserable the entire time but I didn't hear Lizzie complain once. She's amazing. 

Anyway, here are a few from our very last minute Valentine's Day SNOW SHOOT!

I still have this gold sequin dress from NYE that is constantly screaming at me in my closet so I had to join in for a LITTLE bit. These below are from Violet Iris Studios: