Jaime & Seth are ENGAGED

If you didn't read my last blog post, it'll basically just repeat the following: I hate the cold and snow. However, I'm beginning to absolutely LOVE snow for photos. The bright white makes for a natural reflector and it just works every time. However, let's not get excited because I feel like white sand would do the same. Beach > Snow. Anyway, I have been DYING to shoot at Tuckahoe Plantation ever since I saw pictures of it and this place is 100x more beautiful in the snow. If you're in the Richmond area...please do yourself a favor and go visit! 

I've known Jaime since middle school and I literally couldn't (or want to) picture her with anyone else. Jaime is the absolute sweetest girl you will ever meet and it's truly an honor to just be around or know her. Seth is definitely her perfect match, because when they are together, they just radiate light and happiness everywhere! Watching them interact makes me fall in love with the both of them.. is that weird? 

I am SO so excited for their wedding in June! Until then, here's a few of our engagement session!