Megan & James

It's becoming a broken record... "I love shooting with other photographers" but I swear it's true and Megan is no exception! It's so much fun just to chit chat about photography/camera/nerdy stuff! (Check Megan's work out here!) If you have ever shot with me before, you know that I have trouble directing poses because it's super hard for me to get the vision in my head out in words. Luckily, there are some people that can just read my mind and Megan and James did just that. 

I love to leave my locations up in the air until the night before because I try to pick locations that are unique. (Keyword: try, it's a small town ya'll) I texted Megan the night before and told her to meet me behind Grand Home Furnishings and she's probably thinking... "what?!" -- I know I sounded crazy but the shots we got were so worth her skepticism. It started off as a cold and snowy morning and about an hour into the shoot it started warming up tremendously! I am so thankful these two were so adventurous, the morning wouldn't have been possible if they didn't want to walk on private property, crawl into a snowy forest, and squat 1,000 times ;) 

Megan and James are getting MARRIED in the fall and I am so so so excited to be a part of their beautiful day! 

Here are a few images from our super early engagement shoot!