The Hamm Family

When you shoot in the winter, it's extremely hard to get that 'colorful' look I strive for in every photo. The grass is dead, trees are bare, and winter light is just not as magical. However, I am always in a sunshine state of mind and I am so glad this family can read my mind because they definitely livened up the environment and their colors just scream SPRING! 

I was so so excited to shoot this family because I've been in touch with Kendall for many months now. Whenever someone is as excited about their photos as I am, it truly makes me 10x more enthusiastic about their session. Little Avery and Preslee are the cutest of girls but being at ages 2 and 3.. they were the boss. 

Here are a few from our late-winter/early-spring family shoot.

Bonus: BLOOPER REEL! Because we all know those cute little smiles didn't come easy...