SNOW-Shoot with Kayleigh

I absolutely love shooting and working with other photographers. It's a sort of camaraderie that only photographers know about. It's a time to dish, vent, gush, and of course, shoot. I was so so so excited to shoot with Kayleigh because not only is she one of my personal favorite area photographers but she's also A BEAUTIFUL MODEL. I mean, seriously... She has the 'fierce look' down like no one else.

We spent the evening in 4 inches of snow and freezing temperatures but it ended up working out just fine because of the awesome shots that came out of it. This field was actually behind the most random store out in the middle of no where and it just goes to show that photographers really can make something out of nothing!

Kayleigh is a super super super talented photographer out of Roanoke/Salem, you should go like her on Facebook because she's the next big thing out of the star city.