The Divers Wedding

A lot of photographers specialize in some sort of photography, I think I would like to specialize in photographing friend's weddings. I absolutely love shooting weddings for friends because it makes the whole day so laid back, relaxed, and FUN! I've known Tiffany since middle school and while she was getting ready, it was so fun to reminisce on the days where we drew hearts around boys' names and now she's MARRIED! 

I couldn't be happier for Tiffany and Zack, they are truly one of those blessed couples that found true love early and it's not going anywhere. The chemistry between these two is undeniable and it's clearly evident in all of their photos. I am so so so happy for you guys, I know that God has a grand plan for you two and it involves a very long future together. 

Their wedding day was absolutely flawless. The weather was warm but not hot, the most beautiful blue skies, and a picture perfect sunset. I could not have asked for a more beautiful day to photograph and I am very excited to share them with you! 

It's always super hard to pick which photos to post on the blog, especially for this wedding, I had wayyyy too many favorites. I could have uploaded all 600+ of them, but I decided to spare everyone's internet connection. 


Here are just a few from The Divers Wedding! 

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