The Bernard & Ashby Family

Talk about a quick turn around time! This session was just last night! :) 

I am so so so thankful that this family has a mutual obsession with bright colors. I was absolutely STOKED to pull up into their gorgeous driveway and see the most perfect yard you'll ever see along with these beautifully coordinated outfits. I always get a little nervous when families ask me to shoot at their house because I never know what kind of conditions I'm going to run into. However, as soon as I got to this house I knew it was a photographer's dream and don't even get me started on the weather... ugh, PERFECT! 

Anyway, the Ashby family is one of those families that just radiates love and fun, I wish I could have hung out with them all day. They are so full of life and I've never seen siblings get along so well! I was so honored to capture their growing family! 

Here are just a few from last night's family shoot! :)