The Angle Wedding

I met Kaitlyn & Joseph at a Barnes & Noble last year as they were beginning their search for a wedding photographer and I am so so so happy their search ended with me! As they talked about how long they were together, their wedding plans, and the proposal, it was so evident how giddy and excited they were to get married. 

The day was absolutely BEAUTIFUL. The sunny skies gave way to a warm but not hot day and everything came together to create a picture perfect day for these two. Kaitlyn & Joseph were married at the church where they met and it means so much to see these two have a meaningful ceremony that they will forever cherish. The more personal details in a wedding, the better! This was especially true for their wedding with everything from her grandmother's bracelet, to the super sweet gift Kaitlyn gave Joseph, it was perfect. 

Usually during a reception, there comes the time where you just can't take any more pictures... I was already approaching a billion pictures of JUST dancing so I knew it was time to let my camera take a break... next thing ya know, I'm up there doing the cupid shuffle with the wedding party! I had so much fun with this crew, they really made me feel like just another member of their wonderful family and I am so thankful! 

Here are just a FEW pictures from their gorgeous wedding day!