Kati & Bobby

It started in middle school where Kati and I met... we were two peas in a pod and spent every waking moment together. We talked all the time about boys and back then, weddings were something we look forward to like birthdays and other milestones, not to be taken seriously....yet. Fast forward to 2014 and Kati is ENGAGED! I can't believe the day is finally here and I could not be more happy for her. Bobby is a graduate of VMI and now an officer in the Army, what a catch Kati! These two are so perfect together and not only are the a great couple but they are surrounded by such a strong group of friends. Don't even try to mess with anyone in their friend circle or you'll have a huge fight on your hands. 

We met in Roanoke, were Kati and I both grew up and we drove to Lexington on the warmest and most gorgeous day of the week. I've never been to Lexington except for what I've seen off the interstate and driving through this town made me 100000x more excited for the wedding in October! I am beyond excited for Kati and Bobby and glad that her big day is coming up in the fall.  Love you Kater-Tot! 

Here are a few from our gorgeous day in Lexington!