Blaine & Taylor

I have had the incredible honor of photographing several friends from high school. Blaine & Taylor are no exception. Blaine and I were best friends in high school and he's half the reason I made it out of there sane-ish. He was always there for me and I remember the second that he told me about Taylor, that I would be there for him. I watched this relationship start and I am so so so excited to watch them write the next chapter of their love story. Blaine & Taylor started dating in high school and they both went to Longwood University where they will be tying the knot next year! These two are the epitome of a 'happy couple' because they are always smiling and laughing. Anyone who knows Blaine knows why Taylor can't stop laughing! 

We met at Longwood on Monday and the forecast was calling for overcast skies but a small chance of rain. Apparently that small chance was all we needed because it rained for the second half of the shoot. Hopefully you can't tell, because we made the best of it! :) 


Here are just a FEW from our Longwood engagement session!