Kristen & Zack

When I moved to Virginia Beach, I began to explore all of the places within a bike-able distance and I instantly fell in love with the tourist-y things on the boardwalk. It's full of color, tacky decorations, and of course, tourists. It's the one place that most locals HATE but I can't seem to stay away from. When I first got here, I had visions of a perfect summer engagement shoot walking along this stretch of the boardwalk and when Kristen messaged me saying she was coming to Virginia Beach, I knew it was finally a good excuse to do it! 

Kristen and Zack are newly engaged (and new parents!!!) and I was so bummed when I left Roanoke before we could make plans. Luckily, they had a mini-vacation here at the beach and it was meant to be! The weather was so humid that I was sweating in embarrassing places but I am so excited with the overall "summer" vibe from this shoot! These two are tying the knot next June and I couldn't be happier for them!

Here are a few from our summer boardwalk engagement shoot!