Baby Avery

Shooting weddings is a huge part of Ashley Lester Photography and if I think back to where it all started, it started with Elisha & Trey. Their wedding was the first wedding I ever attended and I took my camera along just to play with it (let's keep in mind that this was YEARS ago! I would never take my DSLR as a guest nowadays!) After coming home and realizing how much love and giddiness I got from taking pictures at a wedding, I made it my goal to grow and get better... Years later, here I am all booked for 2014! Now they have been happily married and finally welcomed a gorgeous baby girl last week!

Trey and Elisha announced that they were expecting last year and I just knew this would be the most spoiled baby ever. Baby Avery is such a sweet girl and I could not be more excited for their growing family. Elisha was just born to me a mommy; she is a natural, and Trey is clearly wrapped around Avery's finger already! 

I am so happy to share a few images from the arrival of Baby Avery!