The Aloha Series: Part One

There are very few people that get my severe 'beach fever'. No one understands how the ocean can just pull at your heart strings and the feeling of sand on your feet is therapeutic. Meet Sarah: my tropical twin. Both of us are on the same 'wave' length (no pun intended) and when she told me she wanted to get together for a shoot, it obviously sparked an explosion of creativity! Behold The Aloha Series! A new series that I hope to continue with new beaches, different people, but the same love for tropical inspiration. I don't live in Hawaii but maybe these photos will take my mind off of that and help me cherish the beach that I do call home! 

Sarah is the best of models (and friends!) and I am so thankful that she was up for such a spontaneous shoot! 

Huge shoutout to Rey Swimwear for featuring a few photos from this shoot!