Sister Love

The beginning of the day started out with tornados, thunderstorms, and torrential downpours. It was weather straight from my nightmares, especially on the day of a shoot. Lisa had sent me a message wanting pictures of her little girls and they were only in town for a few days! We had to make today work or not at all. An hour before our shoot, the sky calmed down and we even had a few peeks of sunshine! However, towards the end of the shoot, everything grew darker and I had to outrun a thunderstorm on my bike! (Camera and I made it home safely!) 

I had so much fun with these little girls, they made me so envious of siblings everywhere. I'll never get the chance to have a brother or sister so I loved watching them interact, it was so sweet! Lisa is a photographer too, so thankfully she helped me out posing them!

Here are a few from our beach pre-storm shoot! :) 

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