Chris & Laken | Wedding at The Kyle House - Fincastle, VA

It's no surprise that I do a lot of weddings for people that I went to high school with... but not many of those couples can say that they have been together since high school. Chris & Laken are the definition of high school sweethearts.

This past summer, I was taking family photos for Laken's family and Chris tagged along too. I kept giving him a hard time about proposing to Laken and joking around about how long it's been. Little did I know that he already purchased the ring and just a few short months later he popped the question! I was BEYOND giddy when Laken emailed me because I had this feeling that her wedding was going to be gorgeous and I was not disappointed. 

The Kyle House in Fincastle, Va was the perfect setting for the Vail wedding. It was very cold and the rain was off and on all day but that didn't get anyone down. We went outside when it was clear and shot inside when it wasn't! One thing you should never fret about on your wedding day? The weather... because you can't change it! Instead, we stayed inside, got creative, and BOOM! Some of my favorite shots ever. 

Their ceremony was also one of my favorites. Laken played Carrie Underwood's "Momma" and dedicated it to her mom and I swear to you, there wasn't a dry eye in the house. Traditionally, weddings revolve around the bride and groom, but I love that Laken took the time to appreciate all the work her Mom did for her! 

Speaking of Mom's.... I want to take a moment to also thank my Mom for assisting me for most of the wedding! She was such a good sport about carrying around my light stands and running back and forth, to and from, and up and down stairs. I couldn't have done it without you Mom and I really liked bossing you around ;)