The Aloha Series: Part 4, Virginia Beach Bridal Inspiration

It's been awhile since I have been able to do another installment with "The Aloha Series" and I'm super excited to bring it back! This chapter is "jungle meets bridal" -- Virginia Beach has the most beautiful backdrops that just need a creative eye to turn magical. 

You may recognize Kristin from some past work and I knew that she was going to be the perfect model for this concept I had in my head. I've been dying to get outside and shoot more and the weather last Sunday allowed me to do just that. I called Kristin, grabbed some flowers from Trader Joe's and the results are below. 

If you're unfamiliar with The Aloha Series, it's a collection of work that is inspired by all things tropical. Whether it's a sunflower field, a surf theme, or the beach, I'm constantly looking for ways to bring the islands to the east coast. These shoots are purely creative and they breathe life into a usually exhaustive wedding season.

A huge thank you to Kristin (of course) and her boyfriend Ian for holding my light stands!

In just TWO WEEKS, I'll be taking The Aloha Series to the actual Aloha State!!! Stay tuned!!