Stephanie & Drew | DC Cherry Blossom Engagement

Stephanie emailed me back in January with the idea of having their engagement session with the Cherry Blossoms of DC. I remember saying "hell no" in my head while reading her message because all I could think about was traffic, people, and traffic. However, I do that thing where I say "yes" when I should really say "no" but saying yes ended up being the best decision I've made this year. Stephanie and Drew fell in love in DC and it just made so much sense to incorporate it into their session and I took a leap of faith, a few xanax, and headed up to Washington DC. 

A few weeks before the date, we were reading that the blossoms would be at their peak the weekend we had planned to do the session. I was so excited! What perfect timing, right?! Well, I should have seen that as a warning. I met up with these two at 6am and thankfully Drew offered (well, Stephanie offered Drew) to drive. As we got deeper and deeper into the city, I was counting all of the moments where I would have most definitely ran into someone or crashed my car. Thankfully we arrived safely after battling for about 20 minutes to find a parking spot.

If you've never been to DC for the Cherry Blossom Festival.. just imagine the single most crowded event you've ever been to and double (or triple) it, add a camera into everyone's hands, and sprinkle in a language barrier, and there you have it! The trees were so beautiful so I knew I was going to get some epic shots, I just had to be creative. Stephanie and Drew also didn't mind any of the people because when you go to DC, that's what you get, tourists. We started shooting at sunrise and kept going until we walked completely around the tidal basin. I got some touristy-sights in as well which made the morning even more awesome. 

After the session was over, I couldn't help but repeat how thankful I was that they talked me into coming up there. It was so much fun to shoot somewhere completely new for me and the challenges really helped bring out some creativity! Yes the traffic was awful but I don't think anything worth having comes easy and this was no exception

Stephanie & Drew: 
You guys are so sweet and I can't thank you enough for driving me around all morning! I had so much fun walking around with you and I cannot wait until your wedding in September!