A lot of people are probably already judging me before they even read this post because of the picture you saw that got you here. However, I do not care. This little dog is my whole life and before you say "that poor dog" just know that he gets more treats and belly rubs than any other dog, especially when he takes photos. 

Dear Max, 

You are a dog so I know that you are not actually reading this but I'm going to write a letter to you anyway to tell you HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You are (roughly) six years old today and man, I would do anything to have been with you in the early years. Since you were adopted, I don't know the exact day that you were born but today marks the anniversary of your adoption. You have been by my side every single day for the last two years and I swear you have changed my life for the better. Every fight, bad day, argument, failed test, bitchy client, and backstabbing friend, you have been there for me. We are inseparable and even though you like Dad more, I still know you love me too. Speaking of Dad, ain't it crazy that you finally have a full time dad? No more weekend trips to see him! FULL TIME DAD! I know you love him and I love him too. I am so glad that you love each other because paws before balls. I got your back Pup. Next year, we will both have new last names! Hooray! 

Oh Max, I sure do wish time would stop going so by so quickly because everytime I see your old man gray hair, I just can't help but get a little nostalgic. It's only been two years puppy, but these two years have been the best in my life. I never thought you would fill my heart like you did but you have and I will never be the same! 

I can't wait to spend every year for the rest of puppy life spoiling the hell outta you because you deserve it! I don't know how you got to the shelter or who would be dumb enough to let you go, but I am so happy that I can mark another year down, many more to go! 

Love you so much puppy! Happy Birthday!