The 2015 Wedding Season

Well, I guess it's better late than never, right? To say that I've been "busy" is an understatement! I keep wondering when life is going to slow down but I think I am coming to terms with the fact that it's not going to. Regardless, I really wanted to share my 2015 Wedding Season with you because it was truly one of the most rewarding.

In years past, I've been able to manage my time pretty effectively. I was in college which gave me lots of free time to focus on shooting. However, this year was the first year that I had working full time all 12 months. It's been extremely difficult to balance a full time wedding photography business and a full time digital marketing career. There were weekends where I just came home and cried or vented to Jon because I was exhausted. Working 40 hours a week, often drive 5 hours on Friday to a wedding, shooting a 12 hour day on Saturday, and driving 5 hours back on Sunday... times 10. It was tough, but like I mentioned before, it was rewarding. I saw that I can do anything I set my mind to (even if my body disagrees) - I made it to the end of wedding season alive. 

I am so thankful for every single bride, groom, family member, and friend that encouraged me this year. Whether it was a text message or a quick "you're doing a great job!" at the wedding, it all meant the world to my exhausted self. 

This year, I have a few weddings scheduled but it will be a fraction of 2015's number. While I have less weddings, my brides can expect to be just as spoiled as the others. Weddings are forever near and dear to my heart and I am so excited to share these highlights with you! 

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