Rise & Grind

It's been a REALLLLY long time since I've got to shoot any personal work. It's really easy as a business owner to forget why you started the business in the first place, to forget about the passion that drove you to be your own boss. This past weekend felt like a big exhale. A big deep breath in of pure creativity and fun and a big deep breath out of all the business-related tasks I have to do, schedules to confirm, and so on. 

I rarely get to hang out with my friends because my schedule is often so busy or I am so exhausted that I just can't make it work (and vice versa, because all of my girls are go-getta's and they are so busy too) but this weekend was one of those rare moments where we all got to hang out and just shoot around. 

We decided on sunrise because it's one of the times of a day that I never get to see. I FREAKIN' LOVE TO SLEEP Y'ALL. So I pushed myself to wake up early and I am so stoked with the outcome. 

So for those of you who can't get up early enough... enjoy the sunrise. 

Day One

Day Two