Karis & Andrew | A Braeloch Vinton, VA Wedding

Karis and Andrew's wedding was a pretty unique situation for me.. I booked the Feydo wedding back in the spring of 2015, right before I myself got engaged and then we planned our wedding date for the 14th of May, hers the 28th. I was very careful in the months leading up to the wedding to make sure that Karis never ever felt like I was more focused on my wedding than her own, my clients still come first. However, that was not even remotely the case and that just showed me what kind of person Karis truly is. She would text me all the time asking how my planning was going all while trying to plan her own.  I have had the honor of meeting a few people in my life that remind me to be a better person, always be kind, humble, and I can now add Mr. & Mrs. Feydo to that list.

There are a few rare people in this world that are filled with nothing but grace, kindness, and positivity. Andrew and Karis both fall into that category and it was so evident just being around their families and friends and especially listening to the tear jerking toasts.  When you get two people that exude the same
wonderful qualities and pair them together in marriage, you get a power-couple. One that everyone wants to be friends with, everyone loves, and you feel that love right back.

Their wedding day was absolutely stunning. The weather was perfect, albeit a little warm (I’ll take warm sunshine over snow any day) – The coral and blush pink tones worked so perfectly for a June wedding and I love how all of the little details coordinated with their style so perfectly.  Pink strawberries to match the colors? LOVE.

Karis & Andrew, you two really have something special. The way he looks at you when his Best Man gave his speech brought everyone to tears. The way she talks about your relationship and memories gave us a sense for how you two are not just soul mates, but best friends too. Your commitment to put God first over anything else in your marriage will put you right beside your wonderful grandparents that are celebrating amazing anniversaries. I wish you both the best in life and can’t wait to watch your family grow. You and your families’ kindness has really left a mark and set the bar on my own life and I am so grateful. Congratulations to you and welcome to the wife life!