Caisee & Brad | A Kyle House Fincastle, VA Wedding

Wedding season is in full swing and I can't get enough of these warm weather weddings. However, with warm weather comes with the chance of thunderstorms, rain, the whole nine yards. The forecast for Caisee & Brad's big day was trivial.. 60% chance of storms. During the middle of the day, it rained cats and dogs and the winds gusted but then it miraculously cleared up and we had the most beautiful diffused sunlight right in time for their bride and groom portraits! 

The Garst Wedding has been long anticipated by so many of their family and friends. It's so evident through overhearing all of the guests that these two truly have something special and God has put them together for all of the right reasons. Their wedding day was as beautiful as they are and it included all of the perfect vintage charm that I would expect from Caisee! How amazing are the bridesmaids' hair pieces? I love how they all have different ones. 

I want to give a special thank you to Amanda and the staff at the Kyle House, and Kellie Minter for always being so accommodating and sweet to me every time I shoot there. You all are always so helpful, on time, and wedding days are a BREEZE. I also want to thank them for that amazing mac & cheese that changed my life forever. A huge THANK YOU also goes to my Mom for tagging along on this wedding to let me boss her around and help out with my gear, batteries, keeping me hydrated, and overall moral support. May have to hire you full time -- my how the tables have turned ;) 

Brad & Caisee, 
It was truly an honor to capture your big day. I have had the pleasure of knowing Caisee and their entire family my whole life (Surprise to everyone reading.. We're related!) and I can say that I have never seen you happier. You are going to make a wonderful wife and Brad is going to fit perfectly into his husband role too. I cannot wait to watch your love, faith, and family grow as time goes on. Thank you for letting me be such a big part of your happily ever after!