Akshat & Pruthvi | An Indian Wedding

This past October, I was honored to be asked to assist with this beautiful Indian wedding at the Hampton Roads Convention Center. My sweet friends Luke & Ashley were the main photographers and I was there filling in and along for the ride with Kristine and man, what a ride it was. This wedding was by far the most incredible experience I have had to date. First and foremost, this was only one day out of three, Luke & Ash rocked out the other two and from seeing their blog posts about it, this family knows how to celebrate! 

I'll be 100% honest here, I have never ever been/photographed/experienced/or know anything about Indian weddings and culture. I went in completely oblivious to all traditions and I felt like I was so unprepared and a little embarrassed. I figured I would miss shooting something or miss some small little detail simply because I didn't know about it -- however, the Patel family and all of their friends were SO kind and gracious, they truly made me feel like I was just another member of their massive family and made sure that I knew exactly what was going to happen and when. It was such a beautiful day, absolutely no expense spared, and boy did it show. Their ceremony was dripping in sequins and a stunning chandelier with the most gorgeous ivory runway. Even though Hurricane Matthew was hurling towards us that night, I think we all rocked it out -- plus or minus not being able to make it home and having to spend the night in a hotel.. ugh.

I really could write an entire novel on this wedding, the experience, and how much fun I had shooting with Luke and Kristine, the Hurricane, getting McDonalds burgers at midnight with Kristine, but I just wanna show you the pictures already! 

**These are just a few highlights that I pulled out of over 2,000 photos... I highly recommend checking out Luke & Ashley's blog for the real deal.***