Monica W. | Birmingham, AL | Fitness

I've known Monica for what feels like my entire life. She was my cheer coach from my awkward pre-teen years all the way until my senior year of high school. She moved away to be awesome here in Birmingham and fate brought me here too. I obviously had to reunite with her but I wanted to do something more EPIC. See, Monica has been kicking ass and insanely dedicated to becoming the best and healthiest version of herself and well, mission freakin' accomplished. I am SO proud of her progress and if you aren't motivated by these photos to get up and go workout, then you need a pulse check! I actually had to take a break from editing these to go to the gym. Monica is working on her personal training certification and after seeing her dedication in person, there's no doubt she's going to change lives.

It's been a real goal of mine this year to be more creative and stretch my comfort level in my photography. This was such great practice and I can't wait to do more sessions like this one!