Elizabeth & Dylan | A Hilton Garden Inn Virginia Beach Oceanfront Wedding

The sunrise was breathtaking. A watercolor display of purple, oranges, and blues. A stark contrast from the day before where I was hunkered down in my hotel bathroom while waiting out two tornado warnings. Elizabeth and Dylan's day was as beautiful as you could picture but the weather only had a little to do with it. 

'A mermaid marries a diver' was the theme of the day, Dylan being a diver in the Coast Guard and Elizabeth, well, does anyone actually need a reason to be a mermaid? A love of the beach and the water shared between them was evident in all aspects of their big day! From the stunning bridesmaids dresses to the tables at the reception, the dream team of vendors transformed the Hilton Garden Inn into a beautiful nautical oasis! 

When shooting a wedding, a photographer is constantly looking for moments that may otherwise go unnoticed. Moments such as a stolen kiss, a surprise 'dip', but most importantly, we look for those moments where the bride or groom takes a moment to soak in the other without their knowing. Throughout the day, I kept catching these two exchanging glances when the other wasn't looking and it just proved how in love they are. It's so wonderful to capture but a part of me always feels like I'm intruding on such an intimate moment. Couples that are so helplessly in love are truly the easiest to photograph and I think that will be evident in their gallery.

We met me at a Starbucks over a year ago, and they specifically mentioned they were looking for a relaxed, laid back, and fun photographer. Now that their wedding is over, I can totally see why. These two know how to party (the pictures will say more than I ever could.) 

I also want to take a moment to thank every single person that helped make this day a reality. As 95% of you know, I moved to Alabama but there were a few weddings that I was able to keep and work out the logistics of traveling. I want to thank my husband, Jon Thomas, for dropping me off and picking me up at the airport. The entire staff at the Hilton Garden Inn Virginia Beach Oceanfront for being SO hospitable and helpful with my rental gear, my reservations, and for just being great friends. A special shout out goes to Daissy Torres Photography for letting me borrow an extra light stand (and delivering it for me!) and Andrew & Brittany of One Story Films for keeping me company, helping me with my shots, and being SO FREAKIN' SWEET. Thank you so much to Carolyn of Carolyn Celeste Weddings and her assistant for being superheroes all day long. Seriously, all of you are heaven sent angels and I could not have done this without you!