Kayla + Charles | A Diamond V Farm Wedding

It has come to my attention that I post entirely too many images for a wedding blog post but I have decided that the only negative side effect of that is slow loading times. So let this puppy load in full and enjoy all of the hard work that went into making The Lewis Wedding one to remember! 

I've known Kayla since she was a wee-little youngin' and the fact that she's married and starting her own family is beyond belief. However, I sigh with big relief because her now-husband Charles is the type of guy that Dad's lay awake and pray for their daughters to find. Both Kayla and Charles are SO full of faith and love, they just radiate happiness and it was even more so evident on their wedding day. 

Let me back up though, because I have photographed weddings for 5+ years now and I can swear on my life that this wedding had the BEST weather of any. I woke up to 63° and NO humidity. My Alabama heart couldn't handle how amazing it felt outside. Like a crisp fall day. The temperature stayed in the lower to mid 70's all day. As I currently type this it's 82% humidity. Thanks Alabama. 

The Lewis Wedding was so beautiful, a true gift from Mother Nature but also in large part to the Bride and her Tribe as well. Countless details, DIYing, and pure creativity went into making this day stunning and nothing went unnoticed! 

Kayla & Charles, I'm incredibly honored to have been a part of your dream wedding. It was beautiful, just like you two both inside and out. I wish you all the love and happiness in your many days ahead!